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Privacy Policy


I – Data collection by AGILE ALGERIA

What are your data used for?
Your data is subject to computer processing allowing in particular:
– Management of email dispatches (emailing, reminders, newsletter);
– Managing your event registrations;

Who is your data intended for?
The data collected on this Site is intended for AGILE ALGERIA, in its capacity as data controller.

How are your data protected?
AGILE ALGERIA takes every precaution to preserve the security of your data in order, in particular, to prevent their disclosure to unauthorized third parties.
As such, AGILE ALGERIA implements all the necessary measures to secure its IT devices. In the event that your data is transferred to subcontractors, AGILE ALGERIA ensures that the latter have a level of security that meets the required

Are your data transferred outside Algerian territory?
Your data may, in particular because of the partial subcontracting of processing, be transferred outside Algerian territory.

What are your rights?
You have a right of access, rectification and opposition (for legitimate reasons) to the processing of data concerning you by sending an e-mail to (Please attach a copy of your ID).
AGILE ALGERIA guarantees that your data cannot be used for commercial solicitation purposes without your prior consent. In the event of consented
commercial solicitation, AGILE ALGERIA guarantees you the right to oppose it a posteriori.

II – Recording of data by means of cookies

What is a cookie?
The cookie is a file installed on your terminal, allowing information relating to your browsing on our website to be stored (language settings, connection
time, pages visited, etc.). We can consult this data during your next visits, in particular to facilitate your navigation.
The paragraphs below are intended, for the sake of transparency, to give you an inventory of the types of cookies used by AGILE ALGERIA and to offer you a solution to adapt your choice. We draw your attention to the fact that sharing the use of your terminal with other people is likely to modify the personalized nature of the action of cookies.

What types of cookies does AGILE ALGERIA use?
AGILE ALGERIA uses "cookies" to facilitate your navigation. These include the following cookies in particular:
– Cookies whose purpose is to record the User’s language to facilitate
– Flash cookies containing elements strictly necessary to operate a media player (audio or video), corresponding to content requested by the User.
AGILE ALGERIA may also use cookies for the purpose of informing us about the services and pages you visit. These cookies allow us to offer you
personalized content and in particular to display targeted advertisements in line with your expectations when you connect to our site. These cookies can be set according to your choices, as described in the section below. In the event of refusal of cookies allowing us to identify the services and pages that you consult, the content of your navigation will not be personalized and the advertisements displayed may be of no interest to you.

How to exercise your choice regarding cookies?
Browser settings and consequences of your choices:
You have several options for managing cookies. At any time, you can express and modify your wishes in terms of cookies, via the Help section of the toolbar of your browser. This tells you how to refuse new “cookies” or obtain a message notifying you of their receipt or how to deactivate “cookies” either systematically or according to their issuer. You can also clear cookies manually.

You can also choose to deactivate or delete similar data used by accessory software to your browser, such as Flash cookies, by modifying the parameters
of this software or by visiting the website of the publisher of this software.

Please note that this configuration of your browser may deprive you of access to certain content or significantly disrupt your browsing and the services you expect from our site. If necessary, we decline all responsibility for the consequences linked to the degraded behavior of our site resulting from the
impossibility of using the cookies necessary for its operation.